New York, New York, USA

Happy National Honesty Day! Honest Hearts Produce Honest Actions!


Honesty is vital to making effective changes and identifying who you really are and what you really want. When you lie about who you are or what you really believe, you reinforce the idea that you need to pretend to be someone else or that you are not fundamentally “good enough”. Worse you undermine virtually every other key principle for self improvement because they are based on the premise that you have identified your authentic self and your goals. This is impossible to achieve if you are denying or deceiving yourself. Without the truth of who you are and what you really want, you cannot have clarity in life and you cannot achieve your dreams because you have no true direction false, being honest actual simplifies life considerably and releases an enormous amount of life energy from propping up complex and often completely useless webs of lies and pretenses, that can now be channeled into something you really want to do.


The good news is that with practice being honest gets a lot easier, especially when you realize that others start to identify your authenticity and their respect grows accordingly. Furthermore you will be considered a far more reliable and balanced person because everyone will know exactly where they are with you.


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