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It’s His Loss: Pull Yourself Together After a Breakup

Pull Yourself Together
Pull Yourself Together

I get it – breakups are difficult, painful and it’s very hard to control your emotions and thoughts after it. However, some folks spiral out of control causing them perform some crazy acts, ie. stalking, fighting, harassing or having a straight Angela Bassett  “Waiting to Exhale” moment and burning everything in sight that belonged to their Ex.

Confronting your problem would definitely not heal you, but at least it would get you into terms with the circumstances and this is what you would need the most at a time like this, even more than picking flaws or bitching about your ex with your friends. Remind yourself that you can move on. Here some tips to help you get over your breakup and move on with your life.

Lesson 1: Pull Yourself Together

This involves gaining control of your thoughts and emotions. It’s a difficult phase of life but you’ve got to pull yourself together and the following might help: Acknowledge how you feel and avoid living in self denial. The bitter truth is ‘it’s over’. Although painful, you have to accept it for all the logical reasons. It’s perfectly natural to feel sad, left out, possibly cry when going through a broken relationship because a lot of effort, time, love, care, money…… has been invested in building the relationship, but it’s important to pull yourself together.

Lesson 2: Appreciate Who You Are

Always remember you are a unique and lovely to behold. You could also spend more time discovering your purpose, who you really are, your temperaments, likes/dislikes. Be yourself; authentic, bold, loving, beautiful (handsome); come on!! appreciate who you are constructively.

Lesson 3: Work On Improving Your Self Esteem

Self Esteem refers to the overall beliefs, opinions you have about yourself; the value placed on yourself as an individual and your ability to cope or derive pleasures (happiness) from the basic challenges of life. There is a slight chance of your self esteem taking a good beating because of a broken relationship or break up. Once a low self esteem kicks in you lose your self confidence, posture, ability to gather your thoughts

Lesson 4: Connect With Friends And Family

There is so much to be gained from connecting with friends and family; they provide emotional support.   Spending time with friends and family is a great way to get things off your mind in relation to your break up.In addition, you could also seek professional help where/when necessary and the services of a counselor, psychotherapist, may be employed.

Lesson 5: Get On With Life

This may appear slightly controversial; but having the understanding everything happens for a reason and life generally involves facing hurdles and challenges, I submit today, it’s important you get on with life

Sitting in the corner of your room feeling miserable, hating men or women, getting drunk or hooked on drugs won’t bring about any form of consolation. It only makes matters worse and you need to recognise sometimes you can’t find interpretations to the events of life.

Lesson 6: You can be happy again.

Happiness is important because it improves your mood, alleviates depression and it would take your mind off the broken relationship.

Lesson 7: Start Again

Get back into the dating race or game!


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Positive but I do believe that hurt people need time to heal before dating again less they hurt the other person(s).

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