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50 Ways to Pay it Forward this Holiday Season with Random Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

No one has ever become poor by giving, so “Pay it Forward” this holiday season by performing random acts of kindness. Here are some simple ideas.

  1. Bake goodies and take them to the police station, fire station, emergency room.
  2. Pay a local teenager to mow someones yard, who is elderly, sick or their spouse is away.
  3. Knit or crochet a baby blanket and take it to the Nurses station, in the hospital, for the next baby that is born.
  4. Buy a bouquet of flowers or balloons at the florist and have it delivered to the hospital.
  5. Print up some inspiring signs and post them around town.
  6. Take a box of doughnuts to an elementary school’s office to be given to a classroom.
  7. Send a nice card to 2 people you picked from the phone book.
  8. Send your children to offer to wash cars for your neighbors for free, when they come home you pay them.
  9. Leave your change in the soda machine for the next person. It’s a nice surprise.
  10. Smile at a total stranger
  11. Tape a quarter to a pay phone with a note welcoming anyone who needs it to use it.
  12. Offer to babysit and give other adults in the neighborhood a couple precious hours of time alone/together.
  13. Send a ‘Thank you’ card or note ‘from a local citizen’ to the officers at your local police station.
  14. The next time you have someone beg for money offer to buy them a meal or a cup of soup instead…and sit with them .
  15. Instead of throwing them away your old magazines and occasionally drop them off in waiting rooms at hospitals.
  16. Leave a balloon/or poster or just a silly note on a friend’s door or locker when they are having a hard day…it works wonders!
  17. Plant a tree.

    Acts of Kindness
  18. Volunteer at a local shelter.
  19. Clean up your neighbor’s yard/garden for free.
  20. Read to a child.
  21. Call an old friend.
  22. Smile! Laugh! Be happy.
  23. Hug someone.
  24. Buy a latte or mocha or a meal for the car behind you in the drive through.
  25. Listen to a friend, a co-worker or best yet a total stranger with concern for what they are saying.
  26. Leave that parking space up front, for someone else.
  27. Leave quarters on the public laundry machine for the next person.
  28. Send your child a note in his lunch-box.
  29. Take an old video that you no longer want and give it to someone that might be interested in seeing it.
  30. Hold the door for someone.
  31. Pay for a small child’s candy at a convenient store.
  32. Do a chore that is normally your spouse’s job.
  33. Smile when you pick up the phone, the caller will hear it in your voice.
  34. Pay for someone’s gas.
  35. Pay for someone’s toll.
  36. Visit a sick or shut-in person.
  37. Shovel snow for a neighbor
  38. Give up your seat on the bus or subways.
  39. Bring neighbors’ trash cans from the curb to garage doors
  40. Donate needed items to the local homeless shelter
  41. Go to the library and pay overdue fees for 5 people and while there, put dollar bills in some of your favorite books.
  42. Leave treats out for trash collectors
  43. Leave treats in mailbox for mailman
  44. Donate toys for the needy
  45. Give a coat to homeless person
  46. Deliver towels/blankets to animal shelter
  47. Let someone go in line before you.
  48. Donate can food to a food bank
  49. Cook a meal for someone
  50. Help someone carry or unload groceries


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