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She Rocks! Pamela Tracz – Motivational Speaker, Midwife and Woman of the Year in Communications

Pamela Tracz

Born in Guyana, South America, Pamela started her Teaching career at the tender age of 17. She later traveled to London, England where she completed her training as a Registered Nurse and a State Certified Midwife. She is very experienced at providing and teaching health care, self care and wellness to individuals across the United Kingdom, Ontario and North America.

Pamela has over 36 years experience in the medical profession, functioning as a Registered Nurse in  intensive care settings in North America and Midwife in the community of Bedford in Bedfordshire. Pamela still marvels at her ability to function under the pressure and stress of a very difficult and complicated labour, delivering a healthy 13 lb. 8 oz. baby girl while functioning as a pupil Midwife in the community of Bedford, Bedfordshire.  Pamela has studied in the UK and Canada, provided Health Care, focused on Self Care, dealing with healthy and unhealthy hearts.

Motivational Speaker, Pamela Tracz
Motivational Speaker, Pamela Tracz

In her dynamic presentations, Pamela REVEAL the formula to organizations of how to improve the quality of their professional and personal lives as well as keeping the most powerful organ in their bodies functioning and beating in a healthy, hearty, rhythmical fashion. Pamela believes that Laughter is the best medicine. After reading about all the benefits of Laughter, she trained as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher, started the first Happy Healthy Hearty Laughter Yoga club in The Niagara Region and trained many individuals to become Laughter Yoga Leaders including those who function as recreation therapists. She has been helping individuals, members of the community, Mental Health care providers, Retirement homes, Nursing homes, and employees of many organizations reduce their stress levels, improve interpersonal relationships, self confidence and increase their productivity because they are having fun at home and at work. She enjoys opening Seminars and Conventions with energetic laughter and fun. Also, a Human Performance Improvement Consultant, Pamela has given inspirational talks to beauty contestants giving them the confidence and presentation skills they need to help them realize their goals. Pamela has also judged these competitions.

Pamela is Hamilton’s Woman Of The Year In Communications. She is very dynamic, effective and enthusiastic using her leadership skills, techniques and humour to deliver presentations to her clients.  Pam’s practice is based in Ontario, Canada.

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