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Sarita Nauth is an Indo-Caribbean Producer, Social Media Strategist, and Beauty Influencer, with over 10 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry. Nauth hopes to bring visual storytelling of Caribbean women through authentic discussions surrounding beauty, culture, and identity to the forefront of the industry. Nauth was born in Guyana and raised in Belize. She migrated to the United States around the time she was 8 years old, she has spent the majority of her life in New York City.

She is a Senior Social Media Manager at VH1 and BET Brand Social. Previously, under the MTV Entertainment Group. She has produced multiple award-winning digital series like ‘Black Girl Beauty’ to viral red carpet coverage at tentpoles like the MET Gala, VMAs, and the MTV Movie & TV Awards. As a Beauty Influencer, she has worked across exclusive beauty deals for brands like Il Makiage, Spoiled Child, and many more.

Outside of her work at VH1, Nauth is involved with numerous projects revolving around Caribbean heritage. Currently, she is working with the Caribbean Collective Magazine on rolling out the second installment of their digital series — where Nauth takes a deep dive with various Caribbean women on topics including colorism, identity, western culture, and issues that still continue to affect West Indian and Caribbean women.

She credits her strong connection to her background for her success in the industry, citing that her work empowers her and hopes it can be an example for other Guyanese women to do the same.

“I’ve worked many red carpets and events my whole career, and leading with the fact that I am a PROUD Indo-Caribbean woman,” Sarita Nauth said. “I hope that other young Guyanese women will see me and know that your path can look and be different.”

Nauth started her educational career as a Fashion Design major at the High School of Fashion Industries. She obtained skills such as draping, sewing, sketching, and cosmetology — which has helped her in her journey as a Beauty Influencer and her freelance work with celebrity makeup artists for events like the New York Fashion Week.

In 2013, she obtained her Associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising Management, and in 2015, she finished her Bachelor’s degree — where she studied Advertising Marketing Communications with a minor in Asian Studies. She earned both of her degrees from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After graduating, she returned to the Fashion Institute of Technology — where she received a course certification in Beauty Industry Essentials in 2019. And in 2023, Nauth completed her continuing education at Berklee’s Online for Digital Cinematography.


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Aside from her educational pursuits, Nauth served as the Vice President of Student Representation for the Public Relations Student Society of America.
While arguably, many Guyanese women have faced a situation where their parents, even other family members pre-planned their future for them, Nauth acknowledges that it is acceptable to explore other career paths that individuals find intriguing.

“It’s OKAY to explore a field that’s different from what your parents/family say you should venture through. Success can look different for many people but I implore young West Indian women to take up space in spaces where they don’t see themselves but are passionate about to ensure we are represented and let the world know– we are HERE, proud, ambitious, and will shine bright like the diamonds we are (just like Caribbean Queen Rihanna said!),” Nauth said.

The second installment of her series with the Caribbean Collective Magazine is expected to launch in June.

She can be found on Instagram and on Twitter.



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