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GGR Founder Unveils Gold Guyana Map Tribute Earrings Celebrating the Country’s 57th Independence Anniversary

In a fitting tribute to Guyana and with deep pride for her country of birth, New York-based Guyanese Jewelry Designer, Cloyette Harris Stoute of Twin Elegance Jewelry unveiled her first piece made of solid Guyana Gold.  The striking pair of “Guyana Map  Tribute Earrings” dropped on May 26, 2023, celebrating the country’s 57th  year of Independence.

Cloyette Harris-Stoute, Designer – Twin Elegance Jewelry

The Guyana Map Earrings hold a profound meaning for Cloyette, founder of Guyanese Girls Rock! and Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation, and symbolize her unwavering connection to her homeland. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the earrings feature an intricately designed Guyana map paying homage to the country’s geographical boundaries and cultural heritage. The piece serves as a celebration of Guyana’s rich history, resilience, and the profound impact it has had on shaping Cloyette’s artistic journey.

With the release of the Guyana Map Earrings, Cloyette once again demonstrates her ability to intertwine personal narratives with exquisite craftsmanship. These earrings not only showcase her immense pride in Guyana but also provide a tangible representation of her love and appreciation for her country’s culture, people, and history.


Cloyette’s commitment to highlighting the diverse facets of Guyanese identity through her jewelry serves as a reminder that jewelry can be a powerful medium for expressing one’s heritage and sense of belonging. By wearing these earrings, individuals can display their connection to Guyana and proudly celebrate its independence.

Twin Elegance Jewelry will debut its first solid gold “collection” inspired by Guyana’s national flower the “Victoria Regia” in early June 2023 in celebration of Caribbean History Month.  This meaningful release aligns with the designer’s invitation to all to celebrate their heritage and embrace the stories that shape their identities


Pieces from the Guyana Gold Enchanted Collection will be available in 14k and 18k Guyana Gold and are made to order.  Visit for details send an inquiry to

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