29 Oct: To All The Single Ladies….

The stage of single life is a time to discover who you really are, your purpose in life. It is a time to plan on how to fulfill your destiny and be successful in life. It is indeed a preparatory stage for a successful life. What you put in at this stage will determine the result you get in future even when you are finally married. Excerpt from The Beauty of Being Single –http://stepswithgod.com/beauty-single/

26 Aug: Don’t Hate – Congratulate & Celebrate!

Are you the kind of gal who thinks she only feels truly comfortable in the company of men? Do you feel that other women are catty, mean spirited, competitive or air-headed even, and that you have nothing in common with any of them? Whether you have feelings of apathy, disdain or you truly despise other women, hating your fellow gender is simply no good––it’ll cut off many opportunities for good, understanding friendships and for healthy…