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Don’t Hate – Congratulate & Celebrate!

Are you the kind of gal who thinks she only feels truly comfortable in the company of men? Do you feel that other women are catty, mean spirited, competitive or air-headed even, and that you have nothing in common with any of them?

Whether you have feelings of apathy, disdain or you truly despise other women, hating your fellow gender is simply no good––it’ll cut off many opportunities for good, understanding friendships and for healthy social relations in general. If you’ve been investing a lot of time avoiding gal pals, making do with men alone as friends and shooting down the foibles of your own gender, then it’s time to take a break and readjust. Instead of putting all your energy into shooting daggers at other women, learning to accept other women will open up new insights for you and maybe you’ll even add a woman or two to your friend list.



  • Try to remember that not all woman represent a bad experience you may have had in your past or something you are currently confronting.
  • If another woman tells you something about a male in your life who is betraying you or doing something to bring you down, by all means be cautious but at the same time, don’t shoot the messenger. The woman may very well be trying to help you out, not sabotage you.
  • Teach the girls in your life to care for other girls, so that they grow up to embrace womanhood and other women in their lives. Give them female mentors to look up to and in the process, learn yourself about the amazing things women have done in this world.
  • Before you get ready to judge or give another woman the “stink eye” take a deep breath and try to picture her as a guy.



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