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The Guyana Gourmet Cookbook (West Indian Recipes 1)


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The Guyana Gourmet Cookbook (West Indian Recipes 1)

Author: Bina Singh
Pages: 85
Publication Date: 2013
Finished? No
Signed? No
First Edition? No

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Get the delightful taste of Guyana from the comfort of your own kitchen! These palatable authentic Guyanese recipes will leave you and your guests wanting more. All recipes are simple to follow and in no time you will be a master chef of Guyanese cuisine.

Some notable recipes include:
Vegetarian: Dhal Puri, Roasted Eggplant, Chicken Foot, and more!
Meat: Chicken Curry, Bhunjal Chicken, Stew Beef, and more!
Seafood: Hassa Curry, Fish Cakes, Prawn Curry, and more!
Dessert: Pine Tart, Jalebi, Custard Block, and more!

Seize this chance to impress your friends and family by cooking up something truly unique today!
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