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GGR Book Club: The Honest Tailor and more books by Shaeeza Haniff

The Honest Tailor

What would you do if you unexpectedly got a bag filled with money? This story tells the tale of a hardworking tailor, his wife and children who had a simple tailor shop. One day, they were lucky to find a bag full of money. So what should they do? With charming and delightful illustrations by her mother, Shaeeza Haniff’s tale of her grandparents’ honesty is timeless in its lessons learnt. Another read aloud book that is sure to please children everywhere and the child within.

The Honest Tailor
The Rice Bag Hammock (Volume 1)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shaeeza Haniff is a FShaeeza Haniffirst Grade Teacher in New York.  First born to the former Chief Education Officer of Guyana and his wife, Shaeeza grew up in the coastal region of tropical Guyana, South America. Her childhood was filled with memories of large family gatherings, dozens of cousins, aunts, uncles and many song filled hammock swings. Aaja (northern Indian word for paternal grandfather) was prominent in her life until his death in 1987. Shaeeza along with her two sisters and one brother listened to stories of his many trips abroad filled with adventures and laden with every detail. His gift for storytelling seems to have passed down to Shaeeza as she has been writing and making up stories since she was ten years old.

She followed her father’s footsteps and became a Nursery School teacher at the age of 20, graduating top of her class. She continued to teach after her move to New York City in a private school.

She gets inspiration for her books from her family, memories of her childhood and her many students. Many of her stories are based on real events and incidents or conversations.

Shaeeza now lives in Upstate, New York with her husband, five children and two cats.

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