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Guyanese Actress, Letitia Wright plays “Fierce” Princess Shuri in Upcoming Black Panther Movie

The much anticipated Marvel Studios’ Black Panther movie is just 2 weeks away from hitting theatres on February 16th, and we’re so proud see one of our very own light up the big screen.  Last night stars turned out for the Black Panther world premiere at L.A.’s Dolby Theatre and Letitia Wright was a red carpet favorite. The 24 year old actress, who was born in Guyana and raised in London,  plays the role of Shuri the technologically proficient princess from the land of Wakanda.

“It feels like such a huge blessing and a dream come true!”

In an interview with eonline, Letitia said she’d been dreaming of a role like this since she was a teenager and it’s something she’d “always” kept in mind.  “It’s a privilege to be able to have such a character that a young girl can look back on, watch this film and be like, ‘Hey, I might want to be a scientist. I want to be in technology,'” she said. “Yeah, I think that’s amazing.”

Letitia weighs in above on her character Shuri being a role model for young girls.

Letitia on the red carpet of Black Panther premiere.

Migrating to London with her mother from Guyana at the age of six, Letitia first fell in love with acting at her Finsbury Park primary school when she got the opportunity to play a young Rosa Parks onstage.  She got her start on TV in the British series Doctor Who, Cucumber and Chasing Shadows and later had a key role in Steven Spielberg’s“Ready Player One.  She  is known for her roles in Glasgow Girls, My Brother the Devil and Urban Hymn.  Letitia also plays the role of  Irene “Rene” Watson, on season 2 of the AMC Sci-Fi Drama Series “Humans.”   Letitia also played the role of  Irene “Rene” Watson in the AMC Sci-Fi Drama Series “Humans.”

Letitia is staring alongside Hollywood powerhouse actresses Angela Bassett,  Lupita Nyong’o  and Phylicia Rashad.

“Playing Shuri was so refreshing. She’s strong, and she can kick butt. She’s intelligent, she loves Wakanda, and she loves creating technology to protect her people. But you see when she’s scared, when she’s frightened, when she’s afraid for her family. Even with some of the male characters [in the movie], you see moments when they are weak. Shuri was the sort of character I went home and studied to find out the reason she does things.”

“I’m excited for what Black Panther is about to do, not just for young black boys and girls, but for everyone. There’s a black superhero, but then we’re going to have more Asian superheroes and more from India. The solution to the problem being: We don’t have enough of this so we’re going to make more. I’m excited ” ~ Letitia Wright

According to mobile ticketing company advance ticket sales has surpassed the 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is currently the #1 daily ticket-seller although its still 16 days away from opening day.

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Proud of your young GT women. More to come for sure! Peace and blessings.

wtg, Guyanese are always kool collective and productive. shine shine shine dearie

Something positive finally coming out of beautiful Guyana

Superhero! An astounding performance from a diverse cast of actors and actresses for the future. Long live Wakanda.

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