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She Rocks! Meet Angella Sprauve, Founder of Auve Beauty Skincare Line

Auvê Beauty founder Angella Sprauve was born in New York; her father was a New Yorker with roots from the Virgin Islands, and her mother from Guyana. Angella’s parents decided to make a major move to California when she was just ten years old, but her mom’s family ensured that she never forgot her roots.

Angella grew up with the culture of Guyana close to heart: festive music, pure foods, and simple beauty rituals taught by her mom growing up. These rituals were proven to be effective, many of which started from the inside out: Staying consistent drinking teas for internal cleansing, taking cod-liver oil for clear skin, and breaking fresh aloe plants for skin hydration. Beauty was truly an inside job.

When she began her career as a chemist in 2000, Angella wanted to create a beauty and lifestyle line that paid tribute to her mom’s Guyanese heritage, to highlight the positive life rituals learned from childhood. In 2015, after creating products for the personal care and wellness industry for over a decade, she identified a need in the beauty space for the modern-day woman who needs lifestyle-driven products; so, Auvê Beauty was born.

Inspired by the philosophy that beauty evolves from the inside out, Auvê Beauty encompasses both consumables and personal care products. The skincare is based on Bootlace Extract, a potent anti-aging and anti-inflammatory botanical from the Guyanese rainforest. Auvê Beauty is hand-crafted in San Francisco, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Angella wants to empower women to take beauty and self-care into their own hands, day-in / day-out, to infuse a healthy – and stylish – lifestyle into her beauty routine. Eventually, she hopes to share gems of Guyana and Guyanese culture with the world, while encouraging women to embrace daily beauty rituals and positive lifestyle.

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