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Anaya Willabus, New York’s Youngest Author, Publishes Her 4th Book at Age 12

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Since 2015, Anaya Lee Willabus has been known for being the youngest author in the USA to publish the first chapter book at eight years old. Today, Anaya is twelve years old and has released her fourth book. The fourth book is part of a series called- ‘Make it Happen’- Anaya Willabus by Lightswitch Learning. The book talks about the many challenges Anaya faced and how she overcame them. Anaya hopes that other children would be inspired by her story and feel empowered to know that they can accomplish their goals regardless of hurdles and setbacks at any age.

Some of you may remember Anaya from her visit to Guyana when she was nine years old to promote her first book: The Day Mohan Found His Confidence. Anaya hosted a book launch which was held at the Guyana Public library, Georgetown. Anaya also traveled to Linden, Berbice and several parts of Georgetown to promote her books and her initiative – (the power of literacy).  Currently, Anaya’s first book is available at several libraries throughout Guyana and at Austin’s Book Store.

Anaya credits her first visit to Guyana in 2014 as the inspiration for penning her first book. Anaya’s parents Winston and Dimple Willabus wanted to introduce their children to the Guyanese culture and the country of their birth. Upon Anaya’s visit, she was inspired by the rich Guyanese culture and the differences from the USA. Anaya drafted ‘The Day Mohan Found His Confidence,’ after one year. She continued and publish her second and third books, ‘A Bully’s Disguise,’ 2016 and ‘Checo & the Homework Passes’ 2017.

Anaya is currently a seventh grader at school in Brooklyn, New York. She still makes time to write her books, as well as travel to various schools and organizations to promote literacy. In 2016, Anaya founded her non-profit organization ‘The Stalwarts Youth Corporation.’ The organization was given the name for two reasons, one, Anaya identified with the definition -hard working and a loyal person and two, Anaya’s initials ALW are part of the word Stalwarts. The organization has five main goals. Two of the goals are: 1. Create a global brand to motive children locally, nationally and internationally to aspire to excellence in life, through our outreaches (donation of books, other school supplies). 2. To encourage balance through the incorporation of using technology, as well as, reading.

In speaking with Anaya, she strongly emphasizes the importance of having balance in life. Anaya makes time to play her favorite sports soccer or football. She is a striker. In fact, Anaya competed in the CONCACAF Under- 15 Girls International football tournaments in Bradenton, Florida, in August 2018. Anaya represented Guyana and was the youngest female player in the history of Guyana’s football to compete at eleven years old. Also, for the past three years, Anaya has been New York’s Youth Ambassador for Justice Clothing.

In Anaya’s free time, she enjoys playing with her dolls, watching family moves and playing board games with her brother Brandon and sister Chantelle.

Anaya considers herself as a role model to other children and emphasizes the importance of dreaming big!

Anaya’s first three books are available at Her fourth book will be officially launched on Friday, March 22, 2019, at Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York at 6 PM.  Register to attend via EVENTBRITE

To read more about Anaya and connect with her, go to

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