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GGR Book Club: The Slipper – by Amanda Sohan

The Slipper
The Slipper is a classic tale of love and loss portrayed in the most unconventional style. Included are lovable, colorful characters such as Meetu, Vishnu, maa and baap who’s humor infuses a serious subject matter in a very unique, warm and touching manner. What happens when a headstrong teen falls for an unsuitable suitor? What becomes of her future when her strict parents desire another path? And what ensues years later when Meetu’s past catches up with her future? You think you have all of the answers but the story-line is anything but standard.
Amanda Sohan
Amanda Sohan

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Amanda Sohan is a native New Yorker residing in Queens, NY. Born in the heart of the city, both of her parents hail from British Guyana, South America. As an American with strong West Indian ties Amanda offers a unique and witty storytelling perspective. She’s written poetry, short stories, and a few screen plays since her early teens.

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