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My Guyanese Mom Rocks! – Yvette Irving

Submitted by daughter, Darcy George

My Guyanese Mom Rocks Contestant: Yvette Irving
My Guyanese Mom Rocks Contestant: Yvette Irving

Yvette Irving was born and raised at Saxacalli Mission on the Essequibo River. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Laboratory Science from Lake Head University in Toronto Canada as well as a Masters of Medical Science degree majoring in Pathology from Charles Stuart University in Australia.

Yvette wanted to be of service in her homeland and later returned to Guyana where she held the position of Director of Lab Services at the Ministry of Health in Georgetown.  In 2010, she relocated to Ghana, Africa  where she worked as the Technical Manager of MedLab. Yvette has since moved back to Guyana and is currently the Laboratory Quality Systems Consultant for AFENET Caribbean Region.

Yvette also has a philanthropic side and gives back to her community (Saxacalli) every year with an annual children’s Christmas party.  In addition to her career, Yvette is a single parent who has successfully put her daughter, Darcy, through college.

Darcy is very appreciative of  her mom’s continuous support and showed her utmost gratitude with her recent graduation with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) degree (with honors) majoring in IT from Berkeley College in NYC.  For her outstanding accomplishments and her unconditional love Darcy believes that her mom, Yvette,  Rocks!

Yvette and Daughter, Darcy
Yvette and Daughter, Darcy
Yvette at Work in the Caribbean
Yvette at Work in the Caribbean



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Donessa Agape Love Harry

indeed a great mom…woman of worth.

Hey hey Hey… shout to you and your mom Darcy…a good tree brings forth good fruit!

VEry nice. Professional Moms Rock! Single Moms Rock! We are strong and We are confident!

Davon Richard Walter Van-Veen

a great lecturer at ug too.

congats, my friend you have done extremely well, reach for more stars.

Love your comment on Demerara Waves

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