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She Rocks! Meet Omaiah Hall – Guyana’s 2020 Junior Calypso Monarch

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OMAIAH Aaliyah Hall is an 18-year-old Communications student at the University of Guyana who was recently crowned the Junior Calypso and Soca Monarch  in Guyana. She’s also an alumni of Bishops and St. Roses High Schools.  In a recent interview with ‘The Buzz’,  Omaiah shared that she has always been passionate about the arts, especially music.  Here’s her story..

Omaiah Hall: A star in the making

“I love how you can relate an entire story through a song and tell someone how you feel through singing, because the feeling goes deeper… My inspiration for singing and just being in the arts is really to express myself. I am way more confident in this element,” Hall said.

Sharing a brief history on how her love for music developed, she said, “Singing was always expected, because my dad is a musician, and many people in my family sing, but I really found love for singing in primary school at Success Elementary, when Sir Success had me do a solo. I was nervous and shaking, but I got up on that stage, and after that first note, I just let go and fell in love. Business-wise, I do aspire to go into the field of public relations, but it really is my dream to be one of Guyana’s very best artistes, daring to be different with soulful music that gets you deep in your feelings.” The young woman said she entered both competitions because she wanted to challenge herself.

“I do really want to explore my limits and reach higher heights. And to be real, I love competing; it allows me to push harder and be stronger,” she said passionately.  Her songs have been booming through the airwaves, and are fast becoming the people’s favourite.

The calypso song is entitled, “Tell Me How Come”, and according to Hall, “It’s a raw, bold political statement. This song is asking the questions that I need to be answered. This year, being my first year voting, I had to do some major research, and what I found was shocking. So the song speaks to what I found out, and the questions that I want to be answered.”

“Proud of who I Am” is the name of her entry in the Junior Soca Monarch competition. Explaining what it’s all about, she said, “Well, we are celebrating our Golden Jubilee as a Republic nation, and I know that we are proud. This song showcases that proudness no matter what people may say or do, ‘cause people will always talk, we should be proud.”

“I’m confident, because I know that no one else can be Omaiah, and I dare to be as dramatic and different as I can be. So, with the assistance, I’m going to go give 110 per cent. And as a first-timer going up, I feel the need to work harder, because I don’t want it to just be that girl that went up. I want to leave my mark on that stage after years has passed. I am really hoping to contribute to Guyana’s golden year, and really start building a great name for myself as a young artiste,” Hall said.

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