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Samantha McGregor Shares an Insight into her Life and Business

Samantha McGregor Shares an Insight into her Life and Business

Born in Guyana and raised in Toronto, where she lives, Samantha McGregor was always destined to be great. She started off her journey to success bright and early. Now, she is an accomplished Email marketing expert and digital strategist with a solid background in Customer Success, SaaS, and marketing technology. She started her consultancy firm sometime in 2019, and she soon discovered that she has a passion for bringing big business strategies to small business entrepreneurs. Now, she works with female e-commerce entrepreneurs of different backgrounds to scale their businesses using targeted, customer-centric strategies and campaigns.

But she started somewhere. When she was younger and before she started her business, she got a job at a SaaS company focused on Email marketing. There, she worked as the VP of customer success and had dreams of building a very successful career in that niche.

She left the company because it had been acquired by someone else. Being in a financially comfortable situation, she was afforded the time to plan her next move.

She was in frequent contact with the company’s CEO, Wojciech Gryc, who was her inspiration and role model. He taught her many things and even set her on the path to becoming a consultant.

Using her unique skill of breaking complex things down into simpler things, she became great at consulting. Being solution-driven and focused, she was able to brainstorm and overcome all the challenges of her clients. The clients began to develop a bond with her because of her passion for her work, transparency, and genuine nature. She is a recovering perfectionist who loves to get the job done and with utmost accuracy. She also is down to earth, and her clients respect her enough for that.

She has big plans for the future which include launching a big Email Marketing academy, where training and implementable strategies will be provided for entrepreneurs. She is also planning to launch a podcast where successful entrepreneurs will be able to share the challenges and realities of becoming an entrepreneur.

Her goal is to help clients become just as successful as she is without having to go through what she went through. She strives to make sure that her clients generate maximum revenue from minimum costs through email marketing. She may have had a few failures, but they are stepping stones to her success. One of them was her failure to launch an online course during the pandemic.

To the young entrepreneurs out there, Samantha urges you to be resilient and tenacious, have a clear purpose, and nothing will be impossible to achieve. She also advises that entrepreneurs engage in whatever they are passionate about because the passion will help them through the hard times and challenges.

She is a data nerd, who loves to analyze numbers and figures all day. She is also a recovering perfectionist, who tries to learn new things every day. She is also an ambivert, enjoying time with friends but also loving to spend some time alone. She has dreams of running a successful company, giving back to society, and also helping the less privileged before she retires. To follow Samantha McGregor’s journey and get first-hand info, visit her on Instagram and Facebook today!

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