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She Rocks! L.Y.F.T.S. Founder Keshia Adams Is On a Mission To Reduce Poverty


It’s said that true charity begin at home and Keshia Adams is determined not to keep it there.  The Brooklyn-Based Executive Director/Founder of Lifting You For Tomorrow’s Success (L.Y.F.T.S) is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty for families in her community and in Guyana.  L.Y.F.T.S. is a  non-profit organization that tackles many social problems like poverty, at-risk youth, and hunger. Another passion of Keshia is the The Adams Project (T.A.P.); a subsection of L.Y.F.T. that is dedicated to her grandmother (Winifred Adams), who had a strong philanthropic spirit.  Inspired by her grandmother’s natural love for human rights, Keshia became a social activist and is determined to help people in need and make a positive impact on their lives.  Here’s Keshia’s story.

Keshia Adams, Executive Director/Founder at LYFTS

“I found my purpose in life at the tender age of 9 with charitable works. I assist my aunt with her givebacks twice a year, her birthday and Christmas. After migrating to the United States I worked as a Teen Ambassador at Brooklyn Public library (Brownsville) while in high school; my responsibilities were assisting with homework, Anti- Gang intervention and working with the library’s’ outreach program.  While in college I have joined various social clubs where its main mission is to assist the needs of the urban and African American community.  We have hosted countless drives, fundraising and give backs for numerous charitable causes in low-income neighborhoods across Brooklyn.

I was born in Guyana and my family and I moved to the United States in 2003.  I attended  Berkeley College and in 2014 graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.  That same year, I travelled to Guyana and immediately noticed that it had changed.  I witnessed the effects of poverty and I was dismayed of the lack of education for young people. Although, Guyana is a free public education system, many families are unable to send their children to school because the cost of living is high. Families were forced to forego the additional expense such as school uniforms, books and other school supplies.  The majority sent their children to work at local markets and as street vendors. I became inspired after this and began the setup of my own nonprofit organization, Lifting You For Tomorrow’s Success (L.Y.F.T.S).

LYFTS provides support to families, men, children and women living on or below poverty. We have been able to provide at least 950 students with school supplies, toys, food hygiene products and support workshops.   L.Y.F.T.S. continues with annual fundraising via material and monetary donations.  LYFTS has also supported children residing at the Tilden Family Shelter by providing them with Christmas toys as well as a parallel event in Guyana sponsoring an end of term Christmas party for the recipients of the back to school drive as a reward for their hard work and efforts during the school year.

Participants of L.Y.F.T.S Summer Saturday Stem Program

Under the LYFTS umbrella I have brought social awareness to my community, I’ve hosted annually women’s empowerment Panel Event (Targeting Young Women of color), Know Your Rights: immigration Forum to inform the community on their rights, Building Community Wealth: Finding community equity and Summer stem programming at Family shelters, Feeding with our hearts (aim to feed 100 men across Brooklyn), Financial Literacy workshop, and #1000carepackages campaign( where we aim to give out a 1000 care packages by the end of 2018. For the last 20 years I have been committed to community work, and this is just the being in my journey to help each person that needs my assistance. I am grateful for the few opportunities I have received to serve my community and I looking forward to exploring many more.

Apart from my community service, I also serve as Central Vice President and Co-chair of the Women’s Caucus for Brooklyn Young Democrats, we are committed to impact young people and be a catalyst for the blue wave; committed to the anti-Trump movement by assisting qualified candidates in their respected races. Along with my active political activism, I serve on two community board committees, Public Safety and Youth. I am also a proud member of Guyana Unity Movement (GUM).

Keshia during interview with Channel 67 about homelessness in NYC

I am currently working in the Social Service industry, I serve as the Criminal Justice coordinator at Help USA, which provides services to homeless individuals whom in which are on parole/probation and help many of my clients reclaim their lives.  I am also currently pursuing my Master’s in Public Policy and Administration at John Jay University.

My end goal is to become the better version of myself than I was yesterday.

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