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GGR Book Club: Sunday’s Child and more books by Anne Lyken-Garner

Sundays Child

Sunday’s Child by Anne Lyken-Garner is the remarkably inspirational true story of a little girl struggling to rise above poverty, appalling living conditions, food lines, violence, abuse, mental anguish and political hardships. It shows how she picks out little glimmers of hope and love and uses them as positive anchors in her life. She draws on everything she has – just to survive. Readers, all of the events I’ve recorded in this book have happened to me in real life, each and every one of them and more. I have changed the names of the people in this memoir – but not Theresa’s – because I did not wish to cause them any embarrassment. Apart from these names, nothing else has been changed; although, a few of the events may not have appeared chronologically. I have recorded these episodes of my life to show that regardless of your past, with God’s help, and a few good people, you are potentially able to rise above it and can consciously decide not to allow it to affect who you are at present.

Sunday’s Child

Anne LykenAnne Lyken-Garner was born in Guyana, South America. She’s an author, a freelance writer, a blogger and an editor. Apart from her books, she writes for several online and hard-copy magazines.
She edited ‘The Writer’s Bureau’ student, online magazine for 2 years and now works as a website and e-Book editor.

Anne has written more than 5 books. She concentrates mainly on non-fiction, women’s interests and self-help, but also writes and publishes fictional short stories. Anne runs the popular, ‘How To Build Confidence’ blog and can be contacted from any of her sites. She’s extensively published on the Internet and in anthologies.

Anne also works in TV, part-time. In the past, she worked as a Stage Actress for more than 11 years and played at the National Cultural Centre – the national playhouse in the capital city of Guyana.

She’s also been a model – and even a missionary in her home country – and has had her own call-in radio show too.

Anne lives with her husband, a Sociologist and academic writer, and their 3 children in the West of England, but she’s lived in Georgetown, Paris, London, Los Angeles and Cork City, Ireland.

She’s in the process of writing a follow up book to ‘Sunday’s Child’ called ‘Fair of Face.’

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