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Celebrating Our Graduates: Congratulations to ✿Samantha & Natasha Bollers✿ – They Rock!


Congratulations goes out to the Bollers Sisters! Two young ladies who migrated to the USA from Guyana, and have achieved academic success. Samantha Nazena Bollers is a former student of Queens College (Guyana) and graduated from Cornell University (Class of 2013) with a  Degree in Government Studies.  Natasha Lazena Bollers-Robert, is former student of Bishops High School (Guyana) and a recent Graduate of  Medgar Evers College CUNY (Class of 2015)  with a Degree in Mathematics.

Well done ladies!  Your accomplishments will inspire confidence in other young women to do the same.


“When Girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous” ~ First Lady Michelle Obama

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Congrats girls! Both my younger sister and I graduated with honors too

That’s awesome Rachel – Congratulations to you and your sister. Are you a GG? If so, feel free to submit your information (sis too) for our graduation feature. Thanks for stopping by the page.

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