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Why My Mom Rocks…….Meet our featured Mom, Nicola Amanda Dover Roberts


My mother is a woman like no other. Nicola Amanda Dover Roberts, amazing mother of three rocks!!! She is the best mom that you can ever ask for. She is brave, adventurous, loving, charismatic, caring and to top it off kind-hearted.

She is an intelligent, hardworking young woman whose beauty is beyond compare. I remember this one instant whereby I wanted to participate in my primary school’s fair because it was my last year in the school. So mom sewed me a nice outfit and I got the shoes and everything. I was absent the day before and they had some sort of wrote up of who’s going to be in the fashion show and so on. Then the day of the fair ca,e time for the fashion already dressed to work the runway,they told me I can’t go on because my name wasn’t on the list. I went back to my seat in the audience and was sad. Well the amazing mother that I have didn’t let me stay sad for the rest of the night because she knew how much I was looking forward to it,she went to the person in charge of the fashion and pleaded with them so I can have my chance to grace the stage. She got through and I was a guest model for the night.


I thank God for my mother all the time for choosing Nicola Amanda Dover-Roberts from amongst all the other women in the world to be my mother. I love her very much.

from your amazing dauther, Collaceann

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Happy Mothers Day to you Nicola, you looked so beautiful last evening with your fabulous daughter

Love the way you rock Nicole Amanda Dover Roberts!! Stay beautiful and keep on rocking my Guyanese sister!

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