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They Rock! Celebrating UG’s Valedictorian & Top Female Achievers

Elsie Harry

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Educate a girl, change the world!” and these three young women are proving that they are on their way to do just that, as they all graduated from the University of Guyana with top honors.

University of Guyana 2017 Valedictorian, Elsie Harry

Congratulations are in order for Elsie Harry who was named Valedictorian of the University’s 51st convocation.  The 25-year-old International Relations student is a former member of the University of Guyana Student Society Executive who represented student issues at the University of Guyana Council, past president of the University of Guyana International Affairs Association and also served in several other posts during her tenure at the University, all, while maintaining a perfect GPA of 4.0. She was the recipient of the President’s Medal for the best graduating student, The Council of the University Prize, The Dennis Irvine Award and The Dr. Harold Drayton Alumni Award of the University of Guyana Guild of Graduates, Ontario.

During her valedictorian speech, Elsie encouraged her fellow graduates not to abandon their country.  “You name it, the talent, the know-how, it is all here” she said.

UG’s Top student Wallana Roberts

Another top achiever is Junior Vice President (2016-2017) of the University of Guyana Student Society, Wallana Roberts. Wallana graduated with a 4.0 GPA in a field dominated by males (Geological Engineering). She was awarded Best graduating student for the Faculty of Technology. 

UG’s Top Achiever, Dr. Zainab Abdul-Karim

Congratulations to Dr. Zainab Abdul-Karim who graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBSS). Dr. Karim is the Best Graduating Medical Student for the class of 2017 and is also the recipient of the Prime Minister’s medal.  The 22-year-old future healer served on the University of Guyana Student Society Council in various capacities, including Treasurer (2016-2017).

Keep on rocking ladies!  The sky’s the limit.

Source: University of Guyana Student Council FB Page

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