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She Rocks! Dental Surgeon – Dr Sulan Fung is Empowered to be Successful

A stellar achiever at a very young age and one of Guyana’s youngest dental surgeons, Dr. Sulan Fung aims to empower young women and spread awareness on her interest – maintaining a healthy mouth.

Twenty-four-year-old Sulan began her scholastic career at Stella Maris Nursery at three years old. She later earned a place at Bishops’ High School where she received awards for best debater and best actress, along with elocution prizes. “I got prizes mostly in the line of literature and English – a talent I inherited from my mom.” Sulan said in an interview with  Guyana Times Sunday Magazine.

She then graduated as the top performer at the high school. For her outstanding performance, Sulan received the Anne Blue Scholarship, along with many other awards.

After graduating from high school, Sulan went on to further her studies at Queen’s College earning passes in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at the London’s Edexcel and CAPE examinations. She was then able to attain a place at the University of Guyana’s School of Dentistry. After five years of intense studies, Sulan successfully graduated as a dental surgeon.

The importance of continuing dental education has driven Sulan to invest much time and effort to be a part of Dental XP and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. She is also a part-time lecturer at Texila American University School of Dentistry. Presently, she holds an associate position and practices general dentistry at a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Georgetown: Dr. SenGupta & Associates. Additionally, she is a radio personality hosting a regular dental awareness programme. She has also done dental outreach work in Santa Mission.

Aside from dentistry, Sulan’s enjoys pageantry; more specifically the Mother and Daughter Pageant, which was founded by her mother Ingrid Fung, who is a notable educator. From a very young age Sulan was involved in the planning and coordinating of the pageant and holds, for two years now, the position of producer.

Sulan is very creative and meticulous as she produces and directs the pageant. Even though her job demands most of her time, she manages to invest as much as she could in producing a memorable event for mothers and daughters and, ultimately, the entire family.

She said she is empowered to be successful from seeing her mother’s determination.  Sulan added it is a natural drive to succeed in everything she does.

“My mom has been an excellent role model. My father died when I was just two years old, and my mom, as a single-parent, held the positions of a superb mother, father, friend and role model for all her five children. I always try to exemplify her. Also, my four older brothers have been like a father figure in my life,” she disclosed.

A drive to achieve even greater things, Sulan mentioned that her present focus is to perfect dentistry. She noted that being at Dr. SenGupta & Associates gives her the ideal scope to do so.

The dentist’s ultimate tip, which she said we were taught at a very young age, is to brush twice daily and use dental floss. She urged persons not to wait on pain but to visit their dentists for a regular check up.

Sulan’s aim in everything she does is to empower young women. “Young women need to know and believe what they want and work towards it. They also need to expose themselves to any means of education which will help them be well-rounded individuals.”

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I’m proud or her n what she accomplished . would love 2 have an appointment wit u doc

Hi cuz lovely , I enjoy reading your article. I am going to share with all the uncle and aunts in Canada . We are all proud of your achievements. Archie

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