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Author Elizabeth Jaikaran Recounts Stories of Traumatic Experiences & the Resilience of Guyanese Women

Elizabeth Jaikaran is a New York-based author and lawyer who has  published work across a spectrum of print and digital media.   She began writing at a very young age and published her first article to Stardust Magazine when she was only eight years old.  Elizabeth has since published fiction, nonfiction, comedy, poetry and legal commentary. She is a proud child of Guyanese immigrants, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Queens.

Elizabeth is most interested in themes related to femininity, as well as global, social, and economic justice. She is a Staff Writer for Brown Girl MagazineLiterally, Darling Magazine, and The Muslim Observer.  She’s graduated with her B.A. from The City College of New York in 2012 and with her J.D. from New York University School of Law in 2016 where she served on the boards of the Women of Color Collective and the Muslim Law Students Association.  She’s an associate at real estate practice group,  Lazer Aptheker Rosella & Yedid, P.C.

Elizabeth’s first book “Trauma: Stories” is a collection of true and extraordinary stories that speak of the abuse suffered by Guyanese women, girls, and members of the LGBT community both in their native country and after immigrating to the United States. Through carefully crafted prose and poetic undertones, the author reveals accounts of the horrific violence and trauma through the lens of Guyanese culture and history. Along with these stories are points of fact, gathered from newspapers, agency studies, and governmental records, that illustrate the far-reaching existence and impact of violence and strict cultural norms. Also on display in these stories is the strength and resilience of Guyanese women as they have struggled to survive and flourish.  Elizabeth is also the author of BG’s Bollywood Social Consciousness Series, a series that dissects the Bollywood canon through a contemporary social lens.

Elizabeth plans to focus her energies with precision and purpose on the things she is most passionate about, including the pursuit of healing through writing.

Elizabeth recently sat down for an interview with Rajiv Mohabir of Collitude Poetics.  Here’s her Story.

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