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Celebrating Our Graduates: Congratulations to National Honor Society Scholar Keanna S. McGarrell


Keanna S. McGarrell is a recent graduate of the State University of New York at Albany Campus who credits her success to the foundation from her Guyanese heritage. She earned B.A. in Communications and has honed her skills in Journalism with the mentorships and community services she’s practiced on campus and around her community. She’s worked in local malls engaging customers about fashion interests and customs, and store and brand loyalty and shared her observations to help improve the sales and profits of merchandise in stores like New York & Company and Banana Republic. Her work helped increase customer interest in store benefits like points awards and store brand cards which gave them bonuses on specially targeted sales promotions and holidays. The experiences gave her an advantage in applying her communications interests in the marketing and promotions area.

Keanna interned at GreenBox and further enhanced her journalistic skills in writing a blog about GreenBox products, establishing a network with small independent businesses, colleges and universities. GreenBox is an eco-friendly, highly functional, and easy to store the pizza box for the 21st Century and it’s biodegradable when disposed. This developed her writing skills for appealing to customers who are yet unaware of or just becoming aware of how they can help protecting the environment that we live in today.

She’s a National Honor Society Scholar and has worked on may volunteer initiatives and food drives helping the underserved and needy; and she’s worked with fellow students and on behalf of professional networks in entrepreneurship, marketing and broadcasting.

She’s been an on-campus student leader assisting transfer students to assimilate and fit into life at the SUNY Albany campus and also served as a Junior Executive on the Board of the Pan-African Association on campus. She worked on establishing cultural and ethnic education and social programs, live entertainment events and the incorporation of the Caribbean influence in history and more using her own heritage of Guyanese parentage background. She maintained the organizations’ image using her skills in marketing and communications; which no doubt is why she earned honors from Lambda Pi Eta the National Communication Honor Society. Keanna aims to achieve future success in Business Communications and Journalism.

Congratulations Keanna.  You Rock!

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CONGRATULATIONS Keanna you’re stunning and I wish you much success in your bright future!

Congratulations my dear cuz! All the best in the future.

Congrats Leanna and best wishes in your future endeavours!

Congratulations to Keanna on your achievements. Your hard work and parental support has paid off. Continue to reach for the stars.

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