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We often hear people say it doesn’t matter where you come from, it only matters where you are going but Social Media Producer, Sabrina Mohan, aims to challenge that. As an Indo-Guyanese-American (the pinnacle of hyphenated identities) born and raised in New York, while living part-time in London, Sabrina’s Guyanese heritage keeps her grounded, regardless of what continent she’s on. Through her career in technology, entertainment, and media, she wants to show her community that there is a place for them in these rooms that they were traditionally never allowed to enter. She strives to give them the platform to enhance their voices. 

Sabrina comes from humble beginnings in Far Rockaway, NY where she was raised by her parents and grandparents who are all Guyanese immigrants. Everyone in the household represented a different part of Guyana, ranging from Essequibo, Berbice, and East Coast Demerara.

“Living under one roof with all of these people was quite an experience”, Mohan says, “there were so many cross-generational lessons to be learned which allowed me to fully embrace my power and influence as a Guyanese woman.”

One of those lessons was one she took from her grandmother: the value of education. Mohan accredits her grandmother’s persistence and impeccable work ethic as her inspiration and a testament to the fact that Guyanese women can do it all. Sabrina went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree at CUNY Baruch College in Business Communications and her Master’s degree at Georgetown University in Integrated Marketing Communications, becoming one of the first people in her household to hold more than one degree in higher education.

Sabrina loved entertainment and media as a child. You could find her belting Hilary Duff tracks on a karaoke machine every weekend. Dance, cheerleading, and theater arts were all things she was passionate about and she just knew she belonged on stage or behind the scenes in some way. This gave her the motivation to become part of New York’s eclectic production scene. She began her professional career working at Paramount Network and MTV where she conducted backstage and red carpet interviews at high-profile shows such as the coveted Video Music Awards (VMAs) and the CMT Music Awards.

Following this, she went on to become the Social Media Producer for media icon, Wendy Williams. Sabrina was then presented the opportunity to become a Social Media Specialist as part of Lenovo’s Global Future Leaders Program where participants go through a 5-year cycle of leadership training in different countries. As part of this, she was chosen to host Lenovo’s 2023 Kickoff in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this year. She currently oversees strategy for the company’s Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as collaborating on external and internal communications that push forward their Environmental Social Governance initiatives in a social media-first way. 

Sabrina at the Lenovo Kick Off

As Sabrina navigates the professional world as a Gen Z-er, she has made it a priority in her personal life to give back to the community. She is the President and Co-Founder of Baruch Media Network which is a media mentorship network at her alma mater, Baruch College, that connects students and alumni to global media and production opportunities. Sabrina also serves as the New Member Development Co-Chair of Junior League London where she works with new members of the organization to find the right ways for them to engage in volunteer service and projects across London. 

Sabrina always has New York in her heart, but has a desire to travel the world, which she has been doing these past few years. 

“I want all Guyanese women to know that the world is truly their oyster. We know that sometimes our loved ones have this idea of what they want our lives to look like, but I encourage you all to challenge that and step out of your comfort zone. Leaving home and blazing your own path is scary, but there is beauty in challenging tradition.” 

She is always looking for her next trip.

Sabrina in London

“There are moments when I visit new places, try new things, or present in front of large groups who trust my expertise as a professional and I just think to myself that my ancestors would’ve never imagined this which is why I always acknowledge and share my love for my Guyanese culture. It is important for me to know where I came from and take that with me everywhere I go. It’s what makes me, me!” 

Sabrina in Paris, France.

Professional Affiliations: 

Sabrina is a New Member Development Co-Chair of Junior League London, President and Founder of Baruch Media Network, Alumna of the Financial Women’s Association at Baruch, Social Media Officer of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy – London, former Co-Chair of Communications of the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service, former Graduate Student Government Senator, former VP of Marketing of Baruch Women in Business

You can find Sabrina on Instagram and LinkedIn

Sabrina with the Lenovo Team in Barcelona, Spain.

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