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She Rocks! Meet Dr. Alicia Elias-Roberts: A Leading Legal Scholar


Dr. Alicia Elias-Roberts is a distinguished legal scholar with a remarkable academic journey and an impressive list of accomplishments. She has recently been appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus, and her expertise in various legal disciplines promises to bring new perspectives and advancements to the institution.

Born in Guyana, Dr. Elias-Roberts holds a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Law from Queen’s University in Canada, highlighting her dedication to understanding the complexities of legal issues surrounding energy and the environment. She also holds a Masters of Law (LL.M.) degree from the renowned University of Oxford in the UK, specializing in Energy, Environment, and Natural Resource Law. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree from the University of Guyana, her home country, where she has consistently contributed to the growth of the legal field.

Her teaching interests span several vital areas of law, including Oil, Gas, and Energy Law, International Environmental Law, Administrative Law, and Public International Law. Dr. Elias-Roberts’ passion for these subjects reflects her commitment to imparting knowledge and shaping the minds of future legal professionals.

As a prolific researcher, Dr. Alicia Elias-Roberts has delved into critical legal issues through numerous journal articles and chapters in peer-reviewed books. Her research interests are far-reaching and impactful, covering topics such as International Environmental Law, Oil, Gas, and Energy Law, Administrative Law, and Public International Law. Her work includes discussions on biodiversity protection, climate change, hazardous waste management, natural resource governance, local content, oil contracts, treaties, the law of the sea, international trade law, international human rights, and Caribbean regional jurisprudence.

Moreover, Dr. Elias-Roberts is actively involved in supervising Ph.D. candidates in various areas related to Oil, Gas, and Energy Law, International Environmental Law, Administrative Law, and Public International Law, demonstrating her commitment to nurturing the next generation of legal scholars.

Dr. Alicia Elias-Roberts’ contributions to legal scholarship have been recognized by prestigious journals and publications. Her journal articles and chapters in books have received accolades for their depth of insight and relevance to real-world legal challenges. Her research on local content laws, production-sharing agreements, and environmental protection in offshore petroleum developments has been particularly influential in the energy and environmental law sectors.

With an international presence, Dr. Elias-Roberts has participated in global legal forums and has researched the legal frameworks of various countries, including Brazil and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, she has actively contributed to the development of regional integration efforts in the Caribbean, providing valuable insights into maritime law and offshore energy developments.

As Dr. Alicia Elias-Roberts assumes the role of Dean at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus, her expertise, research accomplishments, and dedication to teaching will undoubtedly elevate the Faculty of Law. Her appointment signifies a bright future for the institution and reinforces her status as a leading legal scholar in the Caribbean and beyond.

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